Jeremiasz Ojrzyński_bw

about me

Jeremiasz Ojrzyński 
I started my University in 2017

In my works I’m interested mainly in joining different media and different areas of art.
I try to connect all of my biggest interests, which are design, photography and opera. Studies in the New Media Department allowed me to broaden my perspective, taught me to experiment and not to be scared to try. Studying under prof. Kalina showed how to persevere, how to stick to my ideas, and be patient in creating them. Collaboration with dr inż. Szklanny and dr hab. Schwencke allowed me to develop my interests and realise my dream vision of my diploma.


about other me

The other part of my life is music. At the same time as I started my University, I started Music School of
a Second Degree. My chosen faculty is Classical
Singing – Opera. 
I never supposed that I would get involved in opera but once I got into the school I simply couldn’t stop. For now it’s still not professional but I hope that will change in the coming years.

In the future, I would like to work as a freelancer, have countless opportunities to develop my skills and collaborate with other designers. I would also like to figure out a way to connect my two passions together and work both in music and design.